A household name and a hot favorite amongst women of all age groups, Tabassum Mughal Haute Couture has become especially known for the very elegant cuts and styles of each collection. Her dresses are not only beautiful but also extremely feminine and exude class and royalty like no other.Tabassum Mughal’s bridal collection has always inspired women all over the globe. Every sequence and thread on the bridal outfits has a story to tell, coming together to embody a very royal lady like persona for all those who look at her bridal wear. Tabassum is known for her hard work and talent and her outfits give you the impression that her heart and soul are poured into the dres

he brand Tabassum Mughal Haute Couture has come a long way since its inception in 2007. In such a short span of time this wonderful designer has managed to capture the hearts of so many women especially the modern independent woman. The feedback from the women carrying her bridal wear is “I feel sophisticated,” “I feel like a million dollars,” “I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world,””I feel like a Princess.” With such reviews she continues to not only inspire women but also make them feel a sense of comfort and belonging. She truly is inspirational and one glance at her outfits will make you realize how phenomenal her work is.

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