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Fashion Designer Ali Zeeshan Ties Knot!

Designer Ali Zeeshan, notable for his elaborate bridal wear, tied the knot in a very ceremony in Islamabad on Sunday. A selfie of the newly married couple went viral on the web. Later, photos and videos from the occasion started doing rounds on social media.

The guests enclosed Asif Raza Mir, Tariq Amin (who did the brides fantastic hair and makeup!), Sadaf Kanwal, Tabesh Khoja, Kiran Malik, Hasnain Lehri, and several other members of the media and fashion fraternity.

The wedding ceremony was filled with tradition and culture and honestly, we simply can’t endure it.

Ali Xeeshan continually comes up with something out of the box and he created positive he did constantly for his wedding too.

One doesn’t get to examine several break-out stars within the Pakistani industry. apart from the natural barriers for rising talent, surnames and background checks are as essential to recognition as style capabilities, if less. Fashion weeks across Pakistan do offer budding designers a platform to display their work however, the front row is never kind, and for aspirants, the ascent to fame is slow and arduous.

Ali Zeeshan has defied this norm. Enigmatic, honest, and aesthetically dowered, Ali has created his mark on the business four short years since his debut. He launched his eponymic label in 2011 and with it, Pakistan’s 1st theatre studio whereas increasing to the city earlier this year.

Ali’s extraordinary success is intriguing with none of the Haute Society razzle-dazzle to back him, several surprises however he’s created it thus far. To search out, I take a visit to Ali’s studio in Lahore to listen to the story from the person himself.

Hailing from a business family primarily based in Lahore, Ali was born with no traceable fashion genes. However, when a teenager is showing his intermediate degree from Government faculty, theatre beckoned to him. As a member of the rate of the dramatic society.

It was acting and making a visible tale that captivated him and Ali felt he had found his line. Because the story goes, our designer’s call to pursue fashion wasn’t received with enthusiasm. Fast forward to Ali’s 2006 Pakistan Institute of Fashion style graduation that he completed with several accolades.

One explicit position at a style house in Lahore, Ali shares, was an appropriate tribute to his love for drama. Working for a senior wedding wear designer (with political connections) in Lahore was a dangerous liaison once he tried to resign. He narrates, however; henchmen who took him to an unrevealed location abducted him.

Luckily, for Ali, his case was delivered to the eye of upper officers inside the police and he was discharged.

While Ali had no qualms mentioning who this mystery designer was, one can avoid and simply say that this isn’t the primary time she has been suspecting of hurling threats! It’s astounding tho’ that Ali speaks of the complete incident with none bitterness or anger.

He even continues to check with her as “Aunty” and never resorts to slander. His ability to forgive past wrongs and pass on reflects the goodness of his character however also the enjoyment he derives from thrills and theatrics of the type. What’s fashion without a bit of excitement?

What sets the bottom for Ali’s outstanding success, though, is his meticulous nature and hefty business acumen. Everything he will is researched and contains a purpose, tho’ it’d not be evident to all. Even selecting the pop film industry range “Jumaa, Chumma Dey Dey” to open his FPW 2014 Sufi-inspired assortment had a reason.

Ali Zeeshan is thought to feature quite a touch of drama on the runway along with his outer styling. The designer has come back a protracted in but 5 years with 2 theatre studios in Lahore and city.

From sporting dreadlocks at the 2013 lux style Awards, that won him Best Dressed, to sporting a black rock crystal piercing within the center of his forehead, he continually provides folks one thing to speak concerning.

Aiman & Minal Khan Step Into The Globe Of Fashion By Launching New Complete “A&M”

It feels like twins Aiman and Minal have taken inspiration from different Pakistani actors like Fawad Khan, Mawra Hocane and Urwa Hocane and determined to introduce their wear line known as “A&M”. The couple gave the news via their Instagram handles and appeared excited for the beginning of a brand new venture. First, they have been models for big brands including Sana Safinaz, Firdous cloth, etc. and now they are starting their own brand.

The sisters commit to style garments for girls of all ages in Pakistan and promise to deliver the simplest of the simplest at cheap costs and make sure that quality will be kept under the very best thought.

The TV actresses wrote in their post “A&M, a complete that aspires to deliver what each woman’s wardrobe wants from well-produced consumer goods to restricted editions.”

Both Aiman and Minal are praised by their fans and have over four million followers on numerous social networking platforms creating them the ordinal most well-liked talked-about celebrities within the country.

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