Aswad By Tabassum Mughal


Tabassum Mughal is a self-trained designer who believes in neat cuts, elegant silhouettes, and unique styles.

With an insatiable wonder and craving for design, this aspiring young designer has built herself a long list of loyal clients over the years. She could have started designing garments casually for friends and family however is currently within the game for the long haul; Tabassum Mughal has unfolded her wings not simply in Pakistan however within the international arena moreover — the United Kingdom, USA, UAE, and Norway.

She says that everyone is exclusive and having the ability to grasp everyone’s vogue, and what they will carry off with class, is essential for any designer. Kiran did her bachelor’s in business administration and holds a diploma in fashion design. She believes that everyone should wear something that complements their personality and figure and not wear it just because it’s ‘in fashion’. She feels people must invest in clothes that suit them.

Tabassum Mughal Online

Although it started as a hobby, Mughal has been designing garments ever since she can remember. She told that she started designing clothes for her friends and family years before she took this up as a serious profession. She thought that everyone would love her creations and this ultimately helped her realize and find out her talent. She started her label Tabassum Mughal haute couture in 2009, where she displayed her assortments at her own boutique in her backyard.

With her eccentric vogue, Mughal is usually on the hunt for one thing new. After receiving numerous requests from her clients based in the Middle East, Mughal finally decided to leap over the line of trendy abayas. “I have created several collections from eastern to western wear, casual to formal and bridal trousseaus to fusion and merging of designs,” she says that her assortment, Aswad, however, is a rather unique one.”

This line has specifically been designed for her customers in the United Arab Emirates; those fascinated by sporting elegantly embellished abayas with selected stones, crystals, and different ornaments to create them stand out in a crowd. Another coming assortment is R2W that will embody ready-to-wear casuals, office, and party wear.

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Anything can inspire Kiran — be it a chunk of design, a definite scenery or image, a remarkable piece of jewelry or perhaps different cultures, regarding what evokes her to create her magic on fabrics. For many years, Mughal has also been displaying her collections to the globe through Pakistan Fashion Week. she said that when they are inspired and motivated to do something, they need to flaunt it in front of the world, and their high-end creations, creativity, and distinctive styles need to be displayed.

Despite being within the fashion business for simply four years, Mughal doesn’t feel threatened by her competitors. She doesn’t see her competition as real competition as a result of her standing and magnificence of labor is incredibly different from other designers, she said this confidently with her achievements so far. She adds that the fashion industry has evolved remarkably and has made its place in the international market due to that, she feels very proud and feels designers such as Maheen Khan, Sana Safinaz, HSY, and Rizwan Beyg are names people will remember for years to come due to their participation in fashion.

No job comes without hardships and Mughal feels challenges designers face on a day after day may also be copied right down to a variety of great issues: power outages, rising costs, training labor, labor turnover and the ability to believe in yourself. “Obtaining well-trained workers as well as preventing them from running off to my competitors, was one of the initial obstacles I faced,” she says, adding that she is still figuring out how this matter will ever be resolved. “Believing in yourself and in what you’re doing and also the positiveness to deliver also are necessities as this trade is incredibly competitive.” She feels you need to be prepared for everything and giving an edge to your work is one way you can rise above your rivals.

Currently, Tabassum Mughal is catering to a distinct segment, however, have plans to expand it and be offered to more audience as fashion is for everybody. She also feels that having a natural talent and integral passion for fashion is crucial to this business — you either have it or you don’t.

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